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I AM alive!

Yes, yes.  I am alive.  I just haven't had a lot of time to do any updates.

Well, I was supposed to go to Mexico on September 24th but there was a nice tropical storm that squashed those plans.  :(  So we ended up driving down to Orlando and hung out there.  We went to Discovery Cove (awesome!!), Sea World, and Aquatica.  We did a lot of shopping and dinner shows and just seeing the general sites... although my husband and I have been to Orlando countless times, we wanted to make the best of it.  And we did.  Got some nice pictures too!
So I came home Saturday and worked Sunday.  I ate my last meal and started my 7 day liquid diet yesterday (Monday).  It wasn't TOO bad the first day.  Today is day 2 and I go in for all my pre-op testing today.  I was instructed not to eat or drink anything after midnight last night until all my testing is done.  Bah!  I'm thirsty!!  I filled up my dogs' water bowl and thought how tasty it looked.  :}

So that's about all there is to what's been going on.  I work all day Thursday and Saturday, right at the height of my liquid diet so that should be really pleasant.  :p

6 days to go!


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