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Vacation! ...tomorrow.

So today is my last day of work for over a week!  Woo!  And I got paid today!  Woo!
Work has been going well.  I'm getting the hang of things and business is very slow but they tell me that when Christmas comes around, there will be lines out the door.  So I'm not looking forward to that.

And tomorrow morning I leave for Mexico.  And I'm scared.  I have an awful phobia of falling to my death so plane rides are pretty horrible to me.  And I have to fly from St. Louis to Dallas and then from Dallas to Cancun.  :(  Ah well.  I have my Bible!!

And when I get back from Mexico I will have 1 day before I start my 7 day liquid diet.  I'm on my way to Band Land!

So to anyone reading out there (I'm sorry!) and have a safe next week!  I'll be back!


Chrissy said...

Woot! I'm psyched for you!

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