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All work and no play makes Amy a dull girl.

So I've been taking people's crappy shifts left and right to try and make up some hours.  Apparently there was a mix up with my availablity and my manager thought I only wanted 20 hours?  Um, no.  I'll take 80 if you have them!  So hopefully within a few weeks that'll be all sorted out.

Other than work ... not much else is going on.  I'm on to soft foods (hooray!) and couldn't be happier.  I missed chewing my food.  :D  I have had zero restriction since surgery and am constantly hungry.  So I entered bandster hell as soon as I got home from the hospital.  Wonderful.  :P  But I use a bodybugg so I try to keep everything under control and logged.  On a typical day, I burn between 2800-3000 without going to a gym.  So once I do start going (any day now, I promise...) I'll probably need to bump up my calories to 1200.  Now I'm trying to stay around 800-1000 max.

And surprise, surprise the weight isn't just melting off me!  Lol.  But who can complain about 21 lbs in under 4 weeks?  Not me!  I know as soon as I hit the gym I'll probably see better numbers.

Until next time!

Happy Halloween!!


fabulouskristen said...

I was enjoying reading your blog. It's a shame that you quit writing it!

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