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All work and no play makes Amy a dull girl.

So I've been taking people's crappy shifts left and right to try and make up some hours.  Apparently there was a mix up with my availablity and my manager thought I only wanted 20 hours?  Um, no.  I'll take 80 if you have them!  So hopefully within a few weeks that'll be all sorted out.

Other than work ... not much else is going on.  I'm on to soft foods (hooray!) and couldn't be happier.  I missed chewing my food.  :D  I have had zero restriction since surgery and am constantly hungry.  So I entered bandster hell as soon as I got home from the hospital.  Wonderful.  :P  But I use a bodybugg so I try to keep everything under control and logged.  On a typical day, I burn between 2800-3000 without going to a gym.  So once I do start going (any day now, I promise...) I'll probably need to bump up my calories to 1200.  Now I'm trying to stay around 800-1000 max.

And surprise, surprise the weight isn't just melting off me!  Lol.  But who can complain about 21 lbs in under 4 weeks?  Not me!  I know as soon as I hit the gym I'll probably see better numbers.

Until next time!

Happy Halloween!!


No news is good news?

So I haven't been around as much as last month .. but mainly because there's nothing of substance to write about.  Not that my life before was a party, but you know how it goes.

I'm fully back to normal feeling being just one day shy of 3 weeks post op.  I've been eating mushie food and can't wait to progress to other stuff!  I was 220.6 this morning which puts me at 21 lbs in a month.  Can't complain to much about that!

Work is work.  I haven't been getting stable hours but I've been picking up days here and there from other people to try and bump up my tiny amount of hours they give me.  They had me scheduled 11 hours next week.  11!  That's two 6 hour days!  That's ridiculous.  I told one of the managers that it wasn't going to be worth my while just to work 10-11 hours a week.  I need the money and would have to look elsewhere if they couldn't help me out.  He said he'd "try" and one of the kids gave me two of her 9 hour days because she doesn't need the money and was happy to not have to work.  Bless her!

Jeff is looking rough these days.  He was finally diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins (sp?) lymphoma.  They believe it's in an early stage but they found spots in his bone marrow and near his spinal chord.  He's supposed to start chemo tomorrow so keep him in your thoughts and prayers!  Poor guy.

And that's that.  I need to eat some breakfast and head off to another fun day at work.  :P


Still recovering.

I'm here and still recovering... slowly.  Apparently I'm not a quick and easy one, unfortunately.  I still have this strange, annoying gas bubble feeling that travels from the bottom of my esophagus up to the top of my throat and just stays there.  I can't burp it out.  Ouchie.

Other than the gas pain, I feel pretty darn good.  I cheated and moved onto full liquids a couple of days before I was supposed to.  :p  But I kept it reasonable and watered everything down to a runny state.  I just couldn't take the broth anymore!  And I boycott jell-o for the rest of my life.

So I haven't felt like being on the computer much.  I'm getting in my daily walking and then some with my shop-aholic husband.  :D  And my work screwed me over and didn't schedule me until NEXT weekend.  So I'll be working the next three weekends in a row only.  Yeah, only.  I just went from part time to no time.  Thanks guys.  But, on the bright side, it gives me almost 2 weeks to recover before I have to be on my feet for 9 hours a day.  I guess that's a good thing.  :]

So I'm off to read some and then start some light housework.  I hope everyone is doing well in bandland!


I'm back and I'm banded!

So I made it through!  Yay!  I've been home since yesterday afternoon but I didn't feel like getting on the computer.

I am one that, unfortunately, is blessed to suffer with gas pains.  Ouch.  The first day I didn't have much and I thought I was gonna sail right through.  Then yesterday they started.  And it hurt.  A lot.  So far I haven't had too much since about 6am this morning but I can still feel it bubbling around in me.  Weird.  :p

Surgery itself wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, by far.  I was so worked up and scared that morning.  You always hear such horror stories about people waking up in the middle of surgery or feeling everything but are paralyzed... things like that.  But thank God nothing like that happened to me.  :D

So I'm still a little sore... okay, a lot sore.  But I'm trying to do everything I know I should.  Lots of water.  Lots of walking.  And lots of rest.  The rest part is where I'm failing on but I'll try and work on that tomorrow.  I wanna enjoy my time off work.  :D

When drinking my liquids, I don't know if I've ever felt full yet.  Since I've been suffering with gas pains from my gut to my mid-back, to my lower shoulders, I still don't know what that new fullness feels like... which is kind of a bummer but I'll get there.  

All right, enough of my rambling.  I'll be back to write when I'm a little less gassy.  :p


8 hours and counting...

Technically a little less, but I'll allow for some delays. 

I'm not as nervous as I'd thought I would be.  I'm trying not to work myself sick over it because I am very, very scared.  The thought of being put to sleep chemically is just very frightening to me.  I know it's very common and very routine but ... I don't know.  I just have a fear of dying and leaving my family.  Wussy, I know!  But it's always in the back of my mind.

I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck when they wheel me into the OR.  I'm hoping and praying for that miracle relaxant that I read about on the forums.  :]  It would be much appreciated.

So I have to be at the hospital at 530, which means I'll be getting up at 4.  It's gonna be a looong day.  But boy am I excited.

Anyway, wish me luck guys!  (And by guys, I mean Chrissy.  Because you're awesome and always are so nice and comforting.  :D)

I hope to be writing in a few days after I cross over into band land!!

Goodnight fat Amy!

End of liquid week!

So this week has come and gone rather quickly and it was surprisingly painless.  Sure I had hunger pangs that were annoying and painful but they eventually subsided and it wasn't on my mind.  I can't say I was 100% perfect.  I was until Saturday when everyone came in with pizzas and hot wings and all the delicious things I love.  So I had my husband buy me 1 sleeve of saltine crackers.  My surgeon's team had told my husband last year when he was doing a 14 day liquid diet for his bypass that if he freaked out and HAD to eat something, he could eat a FEW saltines.  So I devoured 1/2 the sleeve.  Oh well.  It was like a freakin' steak dinner.  I did so well all week I'm not really worried about it, considering most people's pre-op diets consist of solid food.  Lucky people...
So today is day #7 and in less than 21 hours I will be banded.  I'm so happy and excited and a baby bit nervous.  I'm sure the nervous and doubting will come when they wheel me into the OR.  But I'm ready.

On a more depressing note... my husband's cousin, whom has lived with us for around 6 years and we're all extremely close, was diagnosed with lymphoma.  We're not sure which kind, but all kinds are bad enough.  He's only 37 and he may not see 40.  That depresses me a lot.  But I'm going to look on the bright side, say my prayers, and be there for him when he needs me.  Plus, this gives me an exciting excuse to look for lymphoma walks and runs to participate in!  Ah, silver lining.

So today is cleaning day.  Blegh.  I was lazy all week and did nothing but work so today I make up for it.

OH.  And my scale said 228.6 this morning.  That's over 13 lbs lost in 7 days!  I'm sure it's going to fluctuate greatly (mostly up, probably) this next week, but I'll take it!!
My next post will (hopefully) be the newly banded me.  So take care anyone reading and God bless!!


Day #3.

So day three of my clear liquid/sugar free diet is going pretty well.  Honestly I think it's because I've been off of work these last three days so tomorrow will be the real test.  I don't have any headaches or severe fatigue or anything so I'm very thankful for that.  But then again, I haven't really been on my feet and running around like I will be at work tomorrow.

My date is quickly approaching!  I'm getting more excited by the day... and a little more nervous too.  I'm more nervous about the day or two after surgery than the surgery itself.  I also worry that a week isn't going to be long enough off of work since I'm on my feet 8+ hours a day, running around.  But we'll see, won't we?

Well I'm off to have a delicious lunch of chicken broth... again... D: