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No news is good news?

So I haven't been around as much as last month .. but mainly because there's nothing of substance to write about.  Not that my life before was a party, but you know how it goes.

I'm fully back to normal feeling being just one day shy of 3 weeks post op.  I've been eating mushie food and can't wait to progress to other stuff!  I was 220.6 this morning which puts me at 21 lbs in a month.  Can't complain to much about that!

Work is work.  I haven't been getting stable hours but I've been picking up days here and there from other people to try and bump up my tiny amount of hours they give me.  They had me scheduled 11 hours next week.  11!  That's two 6 hour days!  That's ridiculous.  I told one of the managers that it wasn't going to be worth my while just to work 10-11 hours a week.  I need the money and would have to look elsewhere if they couldn't help me out.  He said he'd "try" and one of the kids gave me two of her 9 hour days because she doesn't need the money and was happy to not have to work.  Bless her!

Jeff is looking rough these days.  He was finally diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins (sp?) lymphoma.  They believe it's in an early stage but they found spots in his bone marrow and near his spinal chord.  He's supposed to start chemo tomorrow so keep him in your thoughts and prayers!  Poor guy.

And that's that.  I need to eat some breakfast and head off to another fun day at work.  :P


Chrissy said...

Im sorry I missed this post but I will be sending good vibes to you both.

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