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End of liquid week!

So this week has come and gone rather quickly and it was surprisingly painless.  Sure I had hunger pangs that were annoying and painful but they eventually subsided and it wasn't on my mind.  I can't say I was 100% perfect.  I was until Saturday when everyone came in with pizzas and hot wings and all the delicious things I love.  So I had my husband buy me 1 sleeve of saltine crackers.  My surgeon's team had told my husband last year when he was doing a 14 day liquid diet for his bypass that if he freaked out and HAD to eat something, he could eat a FEW saltines.  So I devoured 1/2 the sleeve.  Oh well.  It was like a freakin' steak dinner.  I did so well all week I'm not really worried about it, considering most people's pre-op diets consist of solid food.  Lucky people...
So today is day #7 and in less than 21 hours I will be banded.  I'm so happy and excited and a baby bit nervous.  I'm sure the nervous and doubting will come when they wheel me into the OR.  But I'm ready.

On a more depressing note... my husband's cousin, whom has lived with us for around 6 years and we're all extremely close, was diagnosed with lymphoma.  We're not sure which kind, but all kinds are bad enough.  He's only 37 and he may not see 40.  That depresses me a lot.  But I'm going to look on the bright side, say my prayers, and be there for him when he needs me.  Plus, this gives me an exciting excuse to look for lymphoma walks and runs to participate in!  Ah, silver lining.

So today is cleaning day.  Blegh.  I was lazy all week and did nothing but work so today I make up for it.

OH.  And my scale said 228.6 this morning.  That's over 13 lbs lost in 7 days!  I'm sure it's going to fluctuate greatly (mostly up, probably) this next week, but I'll take it!!
My next post will (hopefully) be the newly banded me.  So take care anyone reading and God bless!!


Chrissy said...

Im so excited for you! You're doing great. Sorry to hear about your husbands cousin, I will say prayers of comfort and guidance.

Amy said...

Thanks Chrissy. I look forward to reading your comments these days. :] I appreciate you!

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