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Makin' it rain!

So I ventured to my parents' house today to help my mom unbox all her quarters.  Basically, in 1999, when the government was going to start producing all these state quarters, she wanted to start collecting them.  So the years go by and finally this year, all 50 are released.  So now she has 4 whole coin books filled with mint, uncirculated quarters and along with that ... about 150 boxes of unopened bags of quarters.  Yeah.  A lot of freaking coins.  And some bags had been opened previously for one reason or another so we pretty much just opened all the boxes, cut open all the bags, and poured all the quarters into ziplocs.  So now on Friday, we get to go to the bank and use that little coin machine with $3,000 worth of quarters.  Oh joy!
Do you realize how much these bags weight?   I'd say they each weigh 20lbs, give or take.  And we have 12 bags.

Oh well.  It'll be fun to see $3,000 worth of quarters going into this machine, I guess.  

That's about all that's happened on this lazy, gloomy day.  Ruby still hasn't ate and I'm at a loss.  Sigh.

No new news from my doctor or the surgeon's office on my status about the surgery.  The vacation is quickly approaching.  I start work tomorrow night.  Um.. that's it!


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