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Busy, busy weekend.

So after the anger subsided on Friday, things got a little better but no less stressful.

Around 2pm, the surgeon's office called and told me I was approved for surgery.  Hot dog!!  So I picked a date of October 11th, which means I start my clear liquid diet on October 4th... which is two days after I get back from a week in Mexico.  That's one hell of a last hoorah!
So instantly after I hung up the phone, my case worker lady from the insurance calls and tells me I was approved.  She was a little ... odd.  I had talked to her that previous Wednesday and she was telling me she had talked to me like two weeks before... which isn't the case.  Anyway, she said I was approved as well and should expect a call from my surgeons office sometime soon.  Right.  So that was awesome.

Here comes the stressful part.  I started a job like a week ago.  I already had to ask off a week for my "unavoidable out-of-town business" and now I had to ask for ANOTHER week off right after I got back.  I don't know if that bugs companies or is a pain in the ass to have to schedule around things like that or if they simply just don't schedule me, I'm not sure. I know they were looking to hire like 150 people for the holidays so I should be fine.  I know I sounded like I had just killed someone on the phone but the HR woman assured me it was gonna be okay, even though she did have a twinge of annoyance in her voice.  Little did I know I would need ANOTHER day off for all day pre-op testing (thanks for not mentioning that, surgeons office!) so tonight when I go to my mandatory meeting, I will try and sneak a peek at the schedule to see if it's up there for that week.  Pray that it isn't so when I go in there tomorrow morning I can request that off as well.  They must love me over there.

Honestly I'm a little torn about the situation.  I wouldn't mind working there at all.  It seems like once I get the hang of it, it would be a nice little job for the holidays.  I know my husband is happy to see me bring in some money... and my parents are happy for me... but I wish I wouldn't have gotten it now.  I just want to focus on getting this surgery and healing at my own pace and all that jazz.  I guess I'm just a little nervous because this is all new territory for me.  New job.  A surgery.  Weight loss.  Haven't had too much experience with any of those things!

 Okay, now I'm just rambling.  I'm going to attempt to feed Ruby again today.  I think this is her 1 month anniversary of purchase and is still refusing food.  

OH.  And I got my ears stretched to where I want them to be (0g/8mm)!  So yay for me and no more painful stretchings!


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