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What are these? Gold bars?

No, actually they're Ziploc bags full of quarters.  How could you mistake silver-colored quarters for gold bars?  Someone needs to fire this guy.  He works at a bank for crying out loud!

Anyway, I lugged all 6 bags of "gold bars" *eye roll* to the bank to throw in their little coiny machine.  It all worth it in the end!  Mom and I ended up getting $3100 for all the quarters.  Woo!  Bill money!

AND she finally got her refund check from the nursing home my grandma was staying at before she passed away.  She was only supposed to get $2700 back because she was still alive until the 5th of the month but they sent her the whole $5850 back.  Go figure!  So mom made an extra $6k this week.  How great is that?

Something that isn't so great is my work schedule.  I work 5 days in the next three weeks.  Yeah.  Apparently Cabela's training manager just went on vacation so no one is there to train us newbies.  So I work next Wednesday for four hours, then Sunday for 2 hours, then the following Wednesday for six hours, then finally the next Saturday (18th) for eight hours.  I was hoping to get a paycheck or two before my trip at the end of this month but nope.  I'll get paid next Friday for 3.5 hours of orientation.  Hot dog!
But at least I have a job.  Finally.  And I can really see myself enjoying it.  I haven't worked in my department (obviously) so I can't say for sure how awful or great it would be ... but it seems decent.  The place is pretty big and I have a feeling I can get myself lost in it fairly easy.  On the plus side, it's in the Mills mall which is exactly 1 mile around... so on lunch breaks (60min) I can walk a lap or two around the mall whilst window shopping.  Woo!

Well that's about all the news I've got today.  It's sunny and 77 freaking degrees outside.  BEAUTIFUL. 


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