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Just a quick vent...

So I am enraged right now. 

My mother was on her way to my house to help me paint some woodwork.  She's not a big fan of driving on the highway by herself.  (She's 62 with anxiety issues) But she did anyway to come help me because she's awesome.

Some ASSHOLE hits her on the highway.  Completely just merges into her lane while she's there.  So they pull over and he says there's a commuter lot up at the next exit where they can exchange info.  My poor, trusting mother.  She said he got off the highway and just kept making turn after turn after turn finally resulting in him just speeding away.

I am fucking PISSED.  No one screws over my mom.  No one.  Probably some uninsured jackass too scared to be responsible for his own mistake.

I really want to get in my car and pound the shit out of anyone with a maroon truck.

No, of course she didn't get the license plate.  She's a sweet, old lady who didn't think someone would screw her like that.

What a mess.  Gah, my blood pressure is probably through the roof...............


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