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It's a cruel, cruel world baby.

So I'm fed up with my snake not eating.  I just want to shake this legless creature and tell her she's starving and all she has to do is open her mouth.  So I went to a RT boa forum and posted my problems and asked for help.  Unfortunately out of the 1000's of members ... 2 responded.  Told me I was doing everything right and sometimes it just happens.  Thanks guys, appreciate the tips.  *Eye roll.*

So I had read somewhere before that with snakes that won't eat sometimes buying live and stunning them will stimulate the "animal" inside them and they will finally eat.  I'm very uneasy about buying live and stunning it (basically you crack it on a hard object to ensure that it won't fight back).  I've owned and worked with snakes for about 6 years now and I couldn't even gas the mice at the zoo I worked at.  I just ... don't like the idea. 

So, out of desperation, I went to Petsmart to get a live pinkie.  That way I wouldn't have stun it but it would still wiggle around.  Well, I haven't bought anything live from a pet store for about 3 or 4 years so I thought I'd ask the cashier if they still sold live pinkies.  It went something like this...
"OMG, what?  NO WAY.  WHY would you want a baby mouse?  Gross..."
"Um, well.  I have a snake that is starving and ..."
"OMG!  YOU were going to feed it to a SNAKE?  HOW CRUEL ARE YOU.  OMG.  NO, we don't sell LIVE pinkies for food."

Wow.  She went valley girl crazy on me.  I did all I could to not smile and bash her teeth it.  So I ended up just buying another box of frozen pinkies and some dog treats.  Great.
So now I'm soaking one in a glass of beef broth.  I'm so out of ideas at this point.  Sigh.

So I'm off to try this new trick.  And cut the grass. 


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