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It's getting closer!

As the days go on, my surgery date (and liquid diet date D:) approach!

I started my first day of real work yesterday.  It was nuts.  Apparently waterfowl hunting season just started and the store was bananas.  So I was just kind of thrown in the mix... but I did okay.  For the most part I worked at this nut cart in the front foyer.  Basically I made cinnamon and sugar coated pecans, cashews, and almonds.  Relatively easy!
Tomorrow is my first full 8 hour day so ... I'm a bit more nervous.  The biggest difference between this job and my job at Lowe's over the summer is that at Cabela's... there is no one right there if you need help.  At Lowe's I always felt safe because the lead cashier was always right behind me or just a quick phone call away.  Here ... not so much.  They have cash leads but there's like 1 or 2 to cover an entire store, so they're not going to come running when you have a question.  And that makes me a little nervous.

Anyhoo... I leave for Mexico in FIVE days.  :]  And my liquid diet starts two weeks from today and surgery is three weeks from day!  Wow... three weeks.  That's insane.  I can't wait!!

So Ben and I got new phones over the weekend.  We couldn't really afford them but ... we can never afford the stuff we buy.  Gooo debt!  We both got the Samsung Fascinate.  They are AWESOME.  This is my first "smart phone" so I'm just obsessed with the apps!  Thank goodness most of them are free!!  :D

So that's about it.  I'm off today and doing all the laundry and house cleaning before our trip on Saturday.  Nothing exciting, as per usual.  :]

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Chrissy said...

Woot! You're on your way! Its so nice to read your walk...seeing it from someone elses perspective! How exciting! A new job and a new band!

Tomorrows my day, Im looking forward to seeing your walk!

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