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Big girl Monday.

So today I feel accomplished.  

I got my hep A shot taken care of for work (after waiting 90 minutes in a scary, bad neighborhood clinic) and got my pre-op day requested off, which is something I was worried about doing.  

And last night I braved my first office meeting/party relatively well.  I showed up and kind of kept to myself then everyone was shuffling here and there and I was left alone and panicky.  So the HR woman told me that "Alan had everyone in the back conference area" (thanks Abby...) so I went to the conference area where I had my orientation.  Not the right place.  Then I saw people heading for the loading area... not the right place.

So I kind of just wandered around the empty store until I saw some people and bit the bullet and asked them where I was supposed to go.  So I went with them to the "softlines" conference area and squeezed my big butt into a spot between two people.  Did I say spot?  I mean CRACK between two people.  Thanks guys.

So after that uncomfortable 15 minutes we were all corralled back outside.  I sat alone at a picnic table (because the next hour was dedicated to everyone eating BBQ and socializing) and just texted people on my phone.  Now remember ... I have YET to work a day at this store... so I literally have never seen any of these people.  Thank God this sweet girl named Sarah came over and introduced herself.  She saved me for the rest of the night.  Turns out she was hired one week before me and she works in the same department as me.  AND she applied to Lowe's hardware the same time I had this passed May... and they called and told her they were "absolutely not interested" in her application.  Harsh.  So I chatted with her until 9pm and everyone was released.  (After the HR manager kissed a piglet.  Yeah, high class people.)

So this weekend was dreaded but it turned out okay.  My first day of work is Wednesday so I just need to get my wrist band (to cover my tattoo) and I'm set!!  

Until next time world!


Lynne said...

I'm an HR person and I've never kissed a cute little piglet. lol. Good luck on your first day :)

Amy said...

Thanks Lynne. It's much appreciated!!

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