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Another day, another delay...

So I decided to give my surgeon's office a call to see what kind of status all my stuff was in.  Apparently they've received everything except for the letter from my PCP signing off that I was a good candidate and my weight history and all that long process stuff.  So that kind of concerned me... I mean, my doctor wasn't SUPER thrilled to say I should get the surgery anyhow.  She wasn't against it but she wasn't jumping up and down and telling me it was the best decision of my life.

First off, this is my husband's doctor who I only see when he forces me to get a check up. (Okay, it's not that drastic, but you get the point...) so she doesn't know me all THAT well.  I think I've seen her 3 or 4 times before this whole surgery deal.  So she told me I should just eat smaller portions and work out just a little more and I probably wouldn't need the surgery.  At that point I went into a rant about all my trials and tribulations with the magical "eating less/working out more" scenario.  You know where it's gotten me?  26-years-old and 235lbs, that's where.  

Then she proceeds to tell me this wonderful and magical story about a girl "just my age" who weight 307lbs and just did a little more work on herself and has lost 80lbs without surgery or pills.  Which is wonderful.  Great.  Good for her.  
Then I tell her a story about when I was living in Florida when I was 23 and went from 220lbs to 160lbs in four months because I worked in a zoo and had no money for a food.  I felt great!  160lbs was freaking amazing to me.  So what happened?  I was done with school and moved home.  Slowly those pounds crept back on until ... well, today.
So anyway, like I said... she wasn't jumping up and down for the surgery but she did say if it's what I decided I wanted to do, she would pass along any of my information that was needed.

Thanks, doc, but you're holding up progress!

Oh, and Ruby still refuses to eat.  So my choices are these:
  1. Freshly killed,
  2. Force Fed
  3. Let her suffer a horrible death through starvation (that'll teach her!)
So obviously #3 is not really an option (shame on you for believing me!) so tomorrow I shall venture to the pet store for a live pinkie.  I'm starting small!  I enjoy the company of pet snakes because never have I had one that won't eat thawed mice.  Bah!  Ruby!  You beautiful pain in my ass....

Oh, and I watched the Expendables again today.  Man do I love me some Stallone!  Life should be one big Stallone movie.


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