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The new dawn approaches...

Okay, so I caved.  Yes, yes... all my fellow bloggers out there, I've finally done it.  I've created my first blog.  

I've recently been a little addicted to reading the blogs of people that have been through the Lap Band surgery because I'm in the middle of the approval process myself.  So I thought to myself... "What the hell?  I have a grand ol' life that I want to share with the world!"  Not really.  Basically I want to document what I'm going through in the process of getting this surgery, and the aftermath, so I can look back in a year or two and remember the beginning stages.  So this blog will probably be pretty unbearable for most to read.

So if anyone IS reading this, other than myself, I'll include a very small background bio on myself.
I'm 26-year-old, I have been fat (not overweight but fat) my entire life.  My highest weight ever was 250lbs when I got married in 2008 and my lowest weight was 160lbs in 2005 when I came back home from college.  I tend to hover right around 220-230 now-a-days.  It's always been an issue to my self-esteem but I've just dealt with it.  I've been blessed to be loved by some very wonderful people who don't mind being around the Blob.

And that's me in a nutshell.  So far I've been through all the tests, seminars, diets, evaluations, and signed all the papers in the process of getting the Lap Band surgery.  I'm now just waiting on my doctor to sign off on it and the insurance to approve it.  This is a year in the making and I can't wait for it to end (in surgery!)

So that's it for now.  I have things to tend to...



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